NTCCP (Network of Territorial Cohesion Contact Points) works on the Territorial Agenda of the EU. The Network of Territorial Cohesion Contact Points (NTCCP) was created during the Portuguese Presidency of the EU, in 2007, to provide technical support for the cooperation of the Ministers responsible for spatial devlopment in the implementation of the Territorial Agenda. It is also the back-bone structure for communication among all directly concerned by the Territorial Agenda and its First Action programme. The NTCCP is made up of representatives of the Member States, the candidate countries and guest countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), the European Union institutions and the relevant interest organisations. The (revised) Territorial Agenda 2020, Towards an Inclusive, Smart and Sustainable Europe of Diverse Regions, prepared in the NTCCP, and approved by the Ministers on 19/05/2011

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